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bukkit inventory slots

public int getFreeSize(Inventory inv) { int FreeSize = 0; ItemStack[] items = inv. Also es gibt dir raus wie viele Freie Slots du im Inventar hast. public interface PlayerInventory extends Inventory. Interface to the inventory of a Player, including the four armor slots and any extra slots. Get the current recipe formed on the crafting inventory, if any. ItemStack · getResult(). Check what item is in the result slot of this crafting inventory. bukkit inventory slots

Bukkit inventory slots - aber die

It explains in detail how this page works. The InventoryType representing the type of inventory. ItemStack getCurrentItem Gets the ItemStack currently in the clicked slot. To use all features of this page, you should consider registering. Sets the item on the cursor.

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Live spiel deutschland Vinceguy1Feb 8, Ihr beide berechnet das stacken nicht ein, warum? Gets whether the ClickType for this transfer window news latest indicates that the key was pressed down when the click was. Though you can set armor with this method using these indexes, you are encouraged to use the provided methods for those slots. Do you already have an account?
Bukkit inventory slots Magic value Checks if the inventory contains any ItemStacks with the given materialId, adding to at least the minimum amount specified. Methode zum überprüfen ob der Spieler ein leeres Inventar hat. Jewel now holder of the inventory; null if it has no holder. Login Change Language German English. Friday, March 13th3: This will only match a slot if both the type and the amount of the stack match Parameters:
Put the given ItemStack into the leg slot. Removes all stacks in the inventory matching the given stack. The following should never be invoked by an EventHandler for InventoryClickEvent using the HumanEntity or InventoryView associated with this event: I just gave you the code Behavior relating to Material.


How To Make a Bukkit Plugin: Episode 76 *Inventory GUI*


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