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Cricket Rules. Cricket involves hitting the following targets on the dartboard at least three times: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and Bull. A triple counts as three hits. Cricket: Cricket is my most favorite dart game and also the one that I learned first. It is also the most common one played in bars across America. Cricket is a. Darts - Cricket Regeln. Gegenstand von Cricket ist es, alle Felder von 15 bis 20 und des bull's eye (Mittelpunkt) auszuwerfen, bevor der Gegner dies tut.

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A scoreboard is used to keep track of the hits on all the numbers. You can also score on these targets the same way you can score on any of the cricket numbers. Rules of Play - Cricket After the last dart, the player's score is totaled. I wanted to share some variation of a game with you. darts rules cricket


How to Play Darts - The Game of Cricket At this point the batter marks down the amount of runs he scored, the players switch roles, and another round is played. Wickets are taken by scoring either outer bull 2 Wickets or bullseye 4 wickets. How to play darts. How to play Cricket darts How to play darts How to play darts How to play darts How to play Shanghai Other great dart games. Tactics is the UK version of Cricket, [8] and is almost the same as described above in Gameplay. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


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